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About Company

In the summer of 1982, Clay and George Pullen launched Pullen Bicycles.  Later the name changed to Pullen’s Ordinary Bicycles.  Ordinaries were the old fashioned bicycles of the 1890’s, the heyday of bicycling in America.  Historian George Pullen couldn’t resist the name.  All of our bicycles today are of the modern variety of "Safeties" which have two wheels of the same size.

Throughout the quarter century of our business, we have catered to both the up-to-date and to the ordinary needs of the cycling community.  In our shop you can find affordable fun and basic transportation, and you can have the most high-tech of modern cycling machines.  If what you need or want is not sitting on our floor we can have it for you in a matter of days.  Need a bell, need a light, need a lock; we have it.  If not, just ask; we’ll get it for you.

When you buy a bicycle from Ordinary Bicycles you also buy the best in service.  We insure that your cycle is properly assembled and maintained.  We insist that you bring your bicycle back for one re-adjustment, and if you need more we provide it.

Pullen’s Ordinary Bicycles has a history in northwest Georgia cycling, and we plan to continue that tradition of service and satisfaction.

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